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December 21, 2008

All updating now with WINDOWS LIVE WRITER. I totally forgot that I had the program on the computer.

So last week I started my job at the casino as a blackjack dealer, and it’s really, really fun. You think that being a dealer would be the easiest most laid back job ever, and you’re right. You spend 8 hours playing cards, which in itself is really fun, but a lot of the time you also end up dealing to tipsy people, who cheer and seem to RADIATE happiness, sucking you into their little bubble of joy.

I’ve found myself in what little spare time I have on the trains to and from work, nerding it out on my DS, playing Pokemon Pearl in particular…surprisingly addictive. I just wish it wasn’t so much like every other Pokemon game that has come out in the past decade.

To complete the nerding process (no I am not playing WoW, that’s just crossing the line) my friend has gotten me into Firefly. Like, I am now obsessed with this show. I’ve watched the DVD’s she has lent me of the season 5 times and am about to watch the movie for the 4th. There is just something altogether alluring about the Firefly/Serenity universe that draws me in every time. I don’t know what it is.

Also, my room smells funny.


Competition Post

December 16, 2008

John Chow, owner of the website of the same name, is giving away a free copy of Traffic Secrets 2.0, priced at $397. To enter all one has to do is post a comment in the blog post detailing the competition.
While you may only enter once via this method, John Chow is giving people “extra entries” for tweeting the quote specified on the post (advertising his site and the competition) on Twitter, or making a post for the competion with a trackback, as Ive just done 🙂

December 6, 2008

The thumbnail better work THIS time

New video, just talking about…things.

I keep a tree in my drawer

November 30, 2008

Today, I cleaned my room. In the mess of items I found, in addition to the notebook I got two weeks ago and my unused diary, we have:

4 handheld notepads
1 127x76mm notebook
1 140x90mm(ish) 400 page notebook
1 A3(ish) 200 page notebook
2 A4 48 page graph books

Now, I bought these at times with a use in mind that was either exceptionally shortlived or never happened. These were ideas from writing a story (started but got bored with the concept…as you do), to writing down ideas for blog entries for one of my earlier blogs.
As a result, I have 8 writing mediums and nothing to really write in them, or to put anything in them for that matter. Or I do and just can’t think of them right now.
So I’ve been thinking and asking ideas about various uses for a notebook. There are obvious ideas like diaries, then ideas suggested to me by a friend like writing plans for my dream house (which is a fairly imaginative idea). This same friend uses a notebook to write to do lists for both long and short term.

If you stumble across this and use a notebook, I’m curious as to what you use it for? Diaries? Recipes? Anything, leave a comment with your thoughts

Things that annoy me #1 (Chrome and Youtube)

November 23, 2008

A while ago, Google released it’s anticipated web browser Google Chrome, which I downloaded as soon as it came out. I loved it at first, the minimalist design contained a lot of great ideas like “tab tearing”, and “incognito browsing”, which have been replicated by the more popular Firefox. After the initial amazement and awe at the new software, I was put off by the browsers inability to handle flash videos from sites like YouTube, a site owned by Google, and moved back to Firefox, as did many other people.

Visiting YouTube lately, I along with every other viewer have been confronted with an advertisement of sorts, suggesting to use Google Chrome to view YouTube for a new experience. A weird suggestion, because the idea of a site blocking features in certain browsers seems…dodgey is the only word I can think of to describe it.
So, I downloaded the latest update of Chrome (Which I’ll just mention I’ve noticed handles flash videos better now), to see if there was any substantial benefits or “experiences” that came with viewing YouTube in the window.

The only noticeable feature is the removal of ads for Chrome. Google, that’s the greatest thing ever. I think everyone should take advantage of the benefits that Chrome brings to viewing sites like YouTube.

What am I doing?

November 23, 2008

I’M TWITTERING…Tweeting? Twitting?

I have 16 followers.

I don’t care if a few most are groups like The Chasers…or the Prime Minister…I still have 16 followers ^_^ It’s strange how addictive such a simple site as Twitter is. I find myself tweeting every day via my phone if not on the computer, and more.
It’s strange, I never thought I’d have so much fun relaying what I’m doing to complete strangers. And it’s amazing that there are so many programs and utilities out there to assist tweeting. From phone apps like Twinkle (which shows me not only people I’m following, but people tweeting using Twinkle local to me, anywhere from within 1km to 100km away to worldwide. Awesome), to computer applications like Tweetdeck.

I didn’t really have anything to say on this post, I’m just bored watching a DVD of The Chaser’s War On Everything…and felt like posting something pointless on here. So WOO! Breaking 15 followers on Twitter, here’s to 15 more. Ha.

The perfect display of how Twitter “ruins your life”

I have a big willy.

Cleaning Our Internet, and Kevin 2.0?

November 12, 2008

When Mr. Rudd was campaigning for Prime Minister, he was new. He had a younger look than that of John Howard, PM of the time and Liberal Leader, and brought a seemingly fresh outlook on the issues we hold dear; water, fuel, internet, and how many friends we had on Facebook.
In a bid for popularity points and appeal to the more technologically dependant generation, Kevin Rudd had his own Facebook page. Unlike all the various John Howard pages for Facebook and Myspace floating around, this wasn’t made for the lulz, but was an official page for the Opposition Leader. It was talked about, made the paper as a filler article, and even had the piss taken in the hit ABC show The Chaser’s War On Everything.
This and more contributed to Labor’s 2007 victory over the Liberal party, and while they may already be in power, the government isn’t ditching the Internet as a viable medium for communication with the public, and keeping ‘up with the times’.
Today, a new Twitter profile was made for none other than our Prime Minister. Obviously Twitter has been recognized as the latest thing in social networking, and the government is trying to show it can evolve with the times. Whether this is just a minor political stunt, or a genuine attempt at reaching out to a wider audience, time will of course, be the best judge. Either way, I look forword to seeing what Mr. Rudd is doing.
Kevin Rudd joining the Twitter community coincides with me only just learning why more and more people have been tagging #nocleanfeed onto the end of their tweets. I queried one person who posted the unusual tag, and he linked me to for information.
I’d heard about the government’s plan to try and censor the Internet for our country by filtering what websites are viewable to Australian citizens, and which are not, by word of mouth, and from a rant by the AngryAussie on his YouTube channel. #nocleanfeed works as a form of “twitter petition”; doing a search for the term effectively brings up a list of everyone opposed to the idea of Internet filtering.
The obvious flaws (new websites appearing all the time makes it impossible to monitor and ban 100% of all illegal content at any one time, good sites accidently being mistaken as having illegal content, etc) are enough to make you shake your head, but apparently the proposed plan, apart from costing a lot of money to implement and maintain, will slow down Internet speeds “by 30%”, which, being one of the most primitive countries when it comes to Internet plans, means we’ll be going the complete wrong way to what we need. Wasn’t one of Kevin Rudd’s election promises to bring our Internet up to par with other countries? It looks like we can only have one or the other, and I pick my (FASTER) free speech, thanks.