Things that annoy me #1 (Chrome and Youtube)

A while ago, Google released it’s anticipated web browser Google Chrome, which I downloaded as soon as it came out. I loved it at first, the minimalist design contained a lot of great ideas like “tab tearing”, and “incognito browsing”, which have been replicated by the more popular Firefox. After the initial amazement and awe at the new software, I was put off by the browsers inability to handle flash videos from sites like YouTube, a site owned by Google, and moved back to Firefox, as did many other people.

Visiting YouTube lately, I along with every other viewer have been confronted with an advertisement of sorts, suggesting to use Google Chrome to view YouTube for a new experience. A weird suggestion, because the idea of a site blocking features in certain browsers seems…dodgey is the only word I can think of to describe it.
So, I downloaded the latest update of Chrome (Which I’ll just mention I’ve noticed handles flash videos better now), to see if there was any substantial benefits or “experiences” that came with viewing YouTube in the window.

The only noticeable feature is the removal of ads for Chrome. Google, that’s the greatest thing ever. I think everyone should take advantage of the benefits that Chrome brings to viewing sites like YouTube.


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