What am I doing?

I’M TWITTERING…Tweeting? Twitting?

I have 16 followers.

I don’t care if a few most are groups like The Chasers…or the Prime Minister…I still have 16 followers ^_^ It’s strange how addictive such a simple site as Twitter is. I find myself tweeting every day via my phone if not on the computer, and more.
It’s strange, I never thought I’d have so much fun relaying what I’m doing to complete strangers. And it’s amazing that there are so many programs and utilities out there to assist tweeting. From phone apps like Twinkle (which shows me not only people I’m following, but people tweeting using Twinkle local to me, anywhere from within 1km to 100km away to worldwide. Awesome), to computer applications like Tweetdeck.

I didn’t really have anything to say on this post, I’m just bored watching a DVD of The Chaser’s War On Everything…and felt like posting something pointless on here. So WOO! Breaking 15 followers on Twitter, here’s to 15 more. Ha.

The perfect display of how Twitter “ruins your life”

I have a big willy.


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