I keep a tree in my drawer

Today, I cleaned my room. In the mess of items I found, in addition to the notebook I got two weeks ago and my unused diary, we have:

4 handheld notepads
1 127x76mm notebook
1 140x90mm(ish) 400 page notebook
1 A3(ish) 200 page notebook
2 A4 48 page graph books

Now, I bought these at times with a use in mind that was either exceptionally shortlived or never happened. These were ideas from writing a story (started but got bored with the concept…as you do), to writing down ideas for blog entries for one of my earlier blogs.
As a result, I have 8 writing mediums and nothing to really write in them, or to put anything in them for that matter. Or I do and just can’t think of them right now.
So I’ve been thinking and asking ideas about various uses for a notebook. There are obvious ideas like diaries, then ideas suggested to me by a friend like writing plans for my dream house (which is a fairly imaginative idea). This same friend uses a notebook to write to do lists for both long and short term.

If you stumble across this and use a notebook, I’m curious as to what you use it for? Diaries? Recipes? Anything, leave a comment with your thoughts


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