December 6, 2008

The thumbnail better work THIS time

New video, just talking about…things.


I keep a tree in my drawer

November 30, 2008

Today, I cleaned my room. In the mess of items I found, in addition to the notebook I got two weeks ago and my unused diary, we have:

4 handheld notepads
1 127x76mm notebook
1 140x90mm(ish) 400 page notebook
1 A3(ish) 200 page notebook
2 A4 48 page graph books

Now, I bought these at times with a use in mind that was either exceptionally shortlived or never happened. These were ideas from writing a story (started but got bored with the concept…as you do), to writing down ideas for blog entries for one of my earlier blogs.
As a result, I have 8 writing mediums and nothing to really write in them, or to put anything in them for that matter. Or I do and just can’t think of them right now.
So I’ve been thinking and asking ideas about various uses for a notebook. There are obvious ideas like diaries, then ideas suggested to me by a friend like writing plans for my dream house (which is a fairly imaginative idea). This same friend uses a notebook to write to do lists for both long and short term.

If you stumble across this and use a notebook, I’m curious as to what you use it for? Diaries? Recipes? Anything, leave a comment with your thoughts

Things that annoy me #1 (Chrome and Youtube)

November 23, 2008

A while ago, Google released it’s anticipated web browser Google Chrome, which I downloaded as soon as it came out. I loved it at first, the minimalist design contained a lot of great ideas like “tab tearing”, and “incognito browsing”, which have been replicated by the more popular Firefox. After the initial amazement and awe at the new software, I was put off by the browsers inability to handle flash videos from sites like YouTube, a site owned by Google, and moved back to Firefox, as did many other people.

Visiting YouTube lately, I along with every other viewer have been confronted with an advertisement of sorts, suggesting to use Google Chrome to view YouTube for a new experience. A weird suggestion, because the idea of a site blocking features in certain browsers seems…dodgey is the only word I can think of to describe it.
So, I downloaded the latest update of Chrome (Which I’ll just mention I’ve noticed handles flash videos better now), to see if there was any substantial benefits or “experiences” that came with viewing YouTube in the window.

The only noticeable feature is the removal of ads for Chrome. Google, that’s the greatest thing ever. I think everyone should take advantage of the benefits that Chrome brings to viewing sites like YouTube.

What am I doing?

November 23, 2008

I’M TWITTERING…Tweeting? Twitting?

I have 16 followers.

I don’t care if a few most are groups like The Chasers…or the Prime Minister…I still have 16 followers ^_^ It’s strange how addictive such a simple site as Twitter is. I find myself tweeting every day via my phone if not on the computer, and more.
It’s strange, I never thought I’d have so much fun relaying what I’m doing to complete strangers. And it’s amazing that there are so many programs and utilities out there to assist tweeting. From phone apps like Twinkle (which shows me not only people I’m following, but people tweeting using Twinkle local to me, anywhere from within 1km to 100km away to worldwide. Awesome), to computer applications like Tweetdeck.

I didn’t really have anything to say on this post, I’m just bored watching a DVD of The Chaser’s War On Everything…and felt like posting something pointless on here. So WOO! Breaking 15 followers on Twitter, here’s to 15 more. Ha.

The perfect display of how Twitter “ruins your life”

I have a big willy.

Good morning internet!

November 11, 2008

Coming to you live from the train passing through…I’m not sure where. Regardless, I’m on my phone blogging now.

‘What is this place?’ You ask? This is a wonderou land, where I talk about things you won’t care about…or maybe you will. I don’t mind either way.

Here we go? Yes.